Editing and commenting on suggestions

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We make it easy for you to edit and comment on suggestions.

You might want to do this because:

  • You want to explain the official position on a suggestion
  • There are grammatical or spelling errors
  • The suggestion is useful but the language makes it hard to understand

How you can post an official response

Simply select ‘comment’ and your response will be tagged as ‘admin’.

Adding a comment

Users can only add one image to each comment. This is to keep things straightforward and to reduce the chance of people abusing your feedback board as an image hosting service.

Images can be in PNG, GIF, JPEG, and PDF formats.

Moderators can remove inappropriate images by editing the comment.

How to add screenshots and other images

You can allow Users to add screenshots and other images by Controlling who can post and vote using permissions.

Users select ‘add image’ and will see this screen.

Add image

How you can edit a suggestion

You might want to edit a suggestion to make it easier to understand, or to correct grammar or spelling mistakes.

Choose the comment and then select ‘edit’.