Adding a new suggestion

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Any web user at any time can post a suggestion on your Feature Upvote suggestion page, unless you’ve made your board ‘private’.

Customers often won’t post feedback if you make the process even remotely difficult: requiring them to sign in or create an account. We’ve removed all barriers for your customers while making ‘under the hood’ tweaks that help prevent spam and misuse. This way your genuine customers aren’t penalised for the possible actions of a tiny minority.

Plus all suggestions and comments need to be approved, so you can keep an eye on all content that is posted.

Customers might want to post a new suggestion because:

  • They have tried to do something and haven’t been able to because you don’t have the necessary feature, which would make their life easier
  • They would like to do something but know that this isn’t possible at the moment and they’d like to see whether you’ll consider adding this feature before they look around at competitors
  • They have tried to do something and haven’t read your user guide showing that you actually have that feature already (in which case a quick comment on their suggestion will point them in the right direction)

How to add a new suggestion

Users select the green button: ‘add your suggestion’.


Users then type in a description of the feature they would like.


As they start typing, Feature Upvote searches for similar suggestions and shows them to the user. This reduces the amount of duplicated suggestions.

Similar suggestions

The description text and image are optional, to make it as easy as possible for your customers to start making suggestions.

How to add screenshots and other images

Users select ‘add image’ and will see this screen.

Add image

Users can only add one image to each suggestion. This is to keep things straightforward and to reduce the chance of people abusing your feedback board as an image hosting service.

Images can be in PNG, GIF, JPEG, and PDF formats.

Moderators can remove inappropriate images by editing the suggestion.

How we identify users

Users are required to add their name and email to a suggestion.

We use cookies to remember user names and emails between browsing sessions. So if the same user posts multiple suggestions or comments, their name and email are automatically filled in, which makes the feedback process as quick as possible.

Second-time users need only create a suggestion title and click on ‘Post suggestion’