Password-protecting your board

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By default, your feedback board is publicly visible. You can make it private by adding a password. Then you can share the password with anyone you want to have access, including team members and select clients.

You might want to password protect your board because:

  • You want to track customer feedback internally, using the proxy voting feature
  • You want to gather and qualify feedback from team members only
  • You want to invite feedback from a select few B2B clients

How to password-protect your board

Go to your Feature Upvote dashboard.

Select ‘Settings’.

Board settings

Select ‘Access’.

Access and Permissions

Choose ‘Private’ and click ‘Save changes’

Enter a password and select ‘Make private’.

Make private

Now only people with whom you’ve shared the password can access your Feature Upvote feedback board.

You can restore public access at any time.

Signing in to your private board using an HTTP GET parameter

Normally, your users access a private board by typing in the shared password.

Instead of giving the password to your users, you can instead allow them to access your private board using a URL that contains the password.

The URL to use is:

You will need to change:

  • yourfeedbackboard to the product code used by your board.
  • yourpassword to the shared password you entered when making your board private.

If you are using a custom domain name, the URL is:  https://yourboarddomainname/private?password=yourpassword

Once the password has been confirmed, the user will be redirected to a URL that does not contain the password.

Important security note: The auto-signin link contains your password in cleartext form. You’ll need to decide whether it is acceptable in your circumstances for people with access to the link to be able to see the cleartext pasword.