Controlling who can post and vote using permissions

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You can control how customers and your team use your board in a number of ways. This is to support certain use cases:

  • You want customers or team members to vote on specific ideas rather than add their own
  • You want to show customers and B2B clients what you are working on but don’t want them to contribute to the board directly
  • You only want moderators to add comments to feedback rather than everyone
  • You want to hide the vote counts so that they don’t influence others

What you can control using permissions

Feature Upvote allows you to control four actions:

  • Who can add suggestions
  • Who can add comments to suggestions
  • Who can vote
  • Who can see the vote counts

In each case, you can give permission to

  • Everyone (the default)
  • Moderators only
  • No-one

How you can make changes

Go to your Feature Upvote dashboard.

Select ‘Settings’ from your dashboard.

Board settings

Select ‘Permissions’

Screenshot of Feature Upvote's Access and Permissions screen

Configure Feature Upvote to suit your requirements.

Screenshot of changing Feature Upvote's permissions

Select ‘Save’.

  • Turning off access to add suggestions keeps existing suggestions visible.
  • Turning off access to add comments hides existing comments.
  • Turning off access to upvote keeps existing vote counts visible.