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With the power of our Zapier integration, you can connect Feature Upvote to 1,000+ other apps, including Asana, Aha!, productboard, Zendesk and Discord. Here are some practical uses of Zapier:

  • Create a new Trello card when you receive a new Feature Upvote suggestion
  • Add a suggestion to apps such as Asana, Aha! and productboard when a suggestion’s status is set to ‘planned’
  • Update your Feature Upvote suggestion to ‘done’ when a corresponding task in your issue tracking software is completed

To use our Zapier integration, you’ll need a Zapier account. You’ll also need to be familiar with how Zapier works. You can find out more on their website.

Zapier Triggers and Actions

We offer the following Zapier triggers:

  • New suggestion created
  • New comment created
  • Suggestion changed

We offer the following Zapier action:

  • Update suggestion

This action allows you to change a suggestion’s title, description and status.

Connecting to Zapier

Zapier requires you to connect Zapier to your Feature Upvote account.

In your Zapier dashboard go to ‘Connected Accounts’. Zapier customers signed into their Zapier account can do so on the Zapier connections page.

In the ‘Connect a new account’ dropdown select Feature Upvote.

Screenshot of connecting Zapier to Feature Upvote

Zapier will prompt you to ‘Allow Zapier to access your Feature Upvote Account’, by entering your Feature Upvote API key. This can be found in your Feature Upvote dashboard. Click on the user profile icon in the top-right hand corner, select ‘Account’ and then open the ‘Developer’ tab.

Screenshot of obtaining your Feature Upvote API key

Once connected, we recommend using Zapier’s ‘Test’ button to make sure your connection to Feature Upvote is correct.

Screenshot of Zapier's 'Test' button to check your Feature Upvote connection

Now you are set up, you can connect Feature Upvote to any of Zapier’s 1,000+ integrations.

If you have any problems getting Feature Upvote integrated with Zapier let us know at