Voting directly from your board's front page

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By default, you have to open the detailed view of a topic in order to vote for it.

The reason for this is to discourage people from voting on everything without reading descriptions or comments. 

If you can vote from the front page, the natural tendency is to only read the title, think to yourself, "that sounds great!", and then vote.

But sometimes if you were to read the actual suggestion's full details, you might realise that it is not suggesting what you thought it was. Or after you've read some of the comments, you might learn something about the suggestion that makes it impractical or a bad idea, and so decide not to vote on it.

However many people asked us to allow voting from the front page. So in the spirit of "listen to your customers" we've made it something you can optionally enable.

Enabling voting from the front page

Here's how to turn on voting directly from the front page.

  1. Go to your Feature Upvote dashboard.
  2. Select ‘Settings’ from your dashboard.
  3. Select ‘Behaviour’
  4. Enable the checkbox labelled "Allow voting from front page"
  5. Click "Save changes"

Now your users can vote directly from the front page.