Disabling voting

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We don’t get asked about this issue much. The voting functionality is one of our most popular features. However, there are some use cases where you may want to disable voting, usually on a temporary basis.

  • You want to first collect suggestions and then allow voting from a specific date
  • You want voting to happen during a specific event, such as a conference. Until you are ready to accept votes, you want the voting disabled.

How to disable voting

To disable voting on suggestions:

Go to your Feature Upvote dashboard and click on ‘Settings’.

Board settings

Click on ‘Permissions’

Screenshot of Feature Upvote's Permissions screen

Set ‘Upvote suggestions’ to ‘No-one’

Screenshot of disabling voting in Feature Upvote

Click ‘Save’.

Now your users will not be able to vote.

When you disable voting, existing votes are not deleted.