How to move suggestions between your boards

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This feature is only available if your account have more than one feedback board.


We make it easy for you to move suggestions between boards. We do this because:

  • If you have more than one board your customers may occasionally add a suggestion to the wrong one
  • If this happens it is very time-consuming to deal with manually

How you can move suggestions

You can move a suggestion from the moderation page on your dashboard.

move suggestion feature on moderation page

You can also move an individual suggestion that you’re viewing.

Original feature request for filter by tags

Once you’ve selected ‘move’ you’ll see a pop up window. This contains a ‘select board’ dropdown menu. Choose the correct board for the misplaced suggestion.

Original feature request for filter by tags

Your suggestion will then be moved to the correct board. It’s that simple.

What happens to comments and upvotes?

All comments, upvotes, and attached images are moved with the suggestion. Metadata such as the date and status of the suggestions are also retained.