Bulk importing suggestions

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Occasionally we get asked to bulk import suggestions. This might be because:

  • You want customers or your team to have content they can vote on or comment on
  • You want to add suggestions that come from elsewhere and you have quite a lot
  • You are moving to us from another provider and don’t want to start from scratch

How to bulk import

At the moment, we don’t get asked to do this very often so we haven’t automated the procedure.

Simply send your file or URL to support@featureupvote.com and we’ll take care of it from there.

We can do a bulk import for you from a CSV file, an Excel spreadsheet, or a Google Sheets doc.

Please see the next section for formatting details.

Import file format

The only required column is “Title”.

Column name Required Description
Title Required
Description Optional
Email Optional
Name Optional
Date created Optional Ideally in dd/mm/yyyy format. For example, 1st October, 2018 should be 1/10/2018. We can handle other date formats on request.
Votes Optional This is the number of votes you would like the suggestion to initially have.
Tags Optional If you have multiple tags for the suggestion, separate them with commas. For example, "Dashboard, High Priority"
Status Optional If this doesn't match one of our standard statuses ("Under consideration", "Planned", "Not planned", "Done"), a custom status will be created. If this column is missing, we'll use "Under consideration".
Private note Optional

Importing Comments

Comments can also be imported, after the suggestions have already been imported.

Please send us a CSV file, an Excel spreadsheet, or a Google Sheets doc, with two columns, Title and Comment.

Column name Required Description
Title Required This must match exactly the title of the suggestion to which this comment belongs
Comment Required This is the text of the comment.

Multiple comments per suggestion

If a suggestion has multiple comments, put each comment on a separate row. The suggestion title needs to be duplicated on each row.

Here’s an example CSV snippet that illustrates this:

Title, Comment 
PDF export, This is comment #1 
PDF export, This is comment #2 
Custom background image, This is comment #3