Adding team members to your account

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You can add unlimited team members to your Feature Upvote account. Team members are able to moderate suggestions and comments, as well as post votes on behalf of others.

You can decide whether to give team members full access to your account or moderation rights only.

You might want to add team members to:

  • Show decision makers what Feature Upvote is all about and get them involved on a strategic level
  • Make sure that everyone in your company who handles feedback is involved in moderating and using the board
  • Give designers, developers, marketers and security consultants access so you can quickly configure your board and make sure it works for everyone.

A significant minority of our customers never add team members. Feature Upvote is very simple to use and boards can be moderated by one person.

How to add team members

Go to your dashboard and select the ‘Team’ option.

Add team option on dashboard

Then you’ll see your Team page. You have the option of adding a new team member who has full access to your account, or who can moderate suggestions and comments only.

Add team page

Your team member then receives an email. They just need to click on the link to activate their account.

Add team page