How to block an IP address

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If a specific individual is posting inappropriate content, or harrassing you via your board, you can block their IP address.

Our IP address block doesn’t stop access entirely. It puts the traffic from the blocked IP address into “read-only” mode, preventing posting of suggestions and comments, and preventing voting.

Blocking a person by blocking their IP address is not a perfect solution. A determined individual can find various means to circumvent it. However, it can work well in combination with the automated techniques we have in place to prevent misuse of your feedback board.

How you can block an IP address

Select ‘Settings’ from your dashboard.

Select ‘Blocked IP Address’.

Enter the IP address you want to block and click “Block”.

The block starts immediately.

What happens when an IP address is blocked?

Any visitors from a blocked IP address can view your feedback board in a “read-only” mode. They can view suggestions, but they can’t post suggestions or comments, and they can’t vote.

There is no indication given to the user that they are blocked from contributing.

What happens to existing contributions from a blocked IP address?

When you block an IP address, no change is made to existing content. You’ll need to manually delete or modify any contributions from the blocked IP address that were made before the block started.

Limitations to IP address blocking

Be aware an individual’s IP address possibly changes based on what device they’re using, the Internet connection they are on, and - often - over time. Furthermore, one IP address can be shared by multiple users, especially if they are working at the same location for the same organisation.