Using tags to add categories

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As a moderator you can assign custom tags to suggestions. This is useful because:

  • You can create your own categories to more usefully structure the data
  • You can make it easier for your customers to search by certain categories (such as ‘high priority’ or ‘customisations’)

Optionally, contributors can select tags when creating a suggestion.

Adding an existing tag to a suggestion

Select the suggestion you want to tag.

Select the ‘tags’ dropdown menu and choose an existing tag.

Add existing tag

Creating a new tag

Select the ‘Tags’ dropdown menu.

Select ‘Create new tag’.

Enter the tag name. You can use spaces and emojis.

Create new tag

Select ‘Create new tag’

You can also create a new tag using the tag management screen.

Select ‘Settings’ from your dashboard.

Board settings

Select ‘Tags’.


This next screen allows you to create a new tag.

Create new

Who can see tags?

Everyone can see tags that have been applied to a suggestion. They can see these tags in the full list of suggestions, and when viewing individual suggestions.

Editing and removing tags

Select ‘Settings’ from your dashboard.

Board settings

Select ‘Tags’.


This next screen allows you to edit a tag’s text.

Tag management

All suggestions that use the tag will be updated to use the edited tag text.

You can also remove a tag using this screen.

Allowing contributors to tag suggestions

If you'd like contributors to be able to tag suggestions, you can enable this in your board's permissions, as follows:

  1. Select ‘Settings’ from your dashboard.
  2. Select 'Permissions'
  3. Change 'Add tags to suggestions' to 'Everyone'

Setting this to 'Everyone' adds a 'Add tags' field to the "Add suggestion" form:

Note that contributors can't create tags; they can only select from tags that exist.

Filtering by tags

If your feedback board has at least one tag, a tag filter appears on your list of all suggestions:

Filter by tag

Select any tag from the filter drop-down list to see all suggestions with that tag.

You can also type the tag name directly into the search box.