Exporting suggestions

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You can export your board’s suggestions, comments, and votes in CSV format, suitable for use with other applications. You can also export in Excel format. You might want to do this because:

  • You want to analyse your data
  • You want to move all data into another system

How to export suggestions

Select the ‘Settings’ option from the dashboard for the board whose data you want to export.

Board settings

Select ‘Export’.


You can choose CSV or Excel.

Choose the CSV export for getting your data into other applications, such as Google Sheets or Apple’s Numbers.

The Excel export is more convenient because the exported data is contained in one file. But other systems and applications might not easily open an Excel file.


Each button starts a file download.

The files include suggestion IDs, comment IDs, and upvote IDs as appropriate. These can be used to connect the comments and upvotes to suggestions.