Pinning suggestions

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You can pin a suggestion at the top of your feedback board. Suggestions at the top usually get more attention (and votes).

Why you might pin a suggestion

You might pin a suggestion for a number of reasons.

Inform customers that an important suggestion is ‘done’

You might want to show customers that a particular suggestion has been recently implemented. Pinning it gives your customers and trial users a chance to see that you care about their suggestions are are actively implementing the most useful ones. Expect ‘That’s great!’ comments to cheer up your development (and management) team.

Encourage customers to discuss a suggestion

By pinning a suggestion, you increase the chance that customers will comment on it. This is helpful when you want to get more feedback on a particular suggestion before deciding how best to implement it.

Collect feedback on your own suggestion

Customer suggestions should be important to your future plans. However there will be improvements you want to add because they are part of your vision for your product, even though no customer has yet ask for them.

Posting your own suggestion then pinning it will encourage customers to comment on your idea. Hopefully they’ll tell you that your idea is brilliant. Maybe they’ll help you flesh out the idea by adding details you hadn’t anticipated. Maybe you’ll get few or negative comments, meaning you should accept that your ‘killer new feature’ should be binned.

How you pin a suggestion

Go to your live feedback board. Choose the ‘pin this’ option.

Pin a suggestion