Is there a self-hosted version of Feature Upvote?


Your organisation might not be able to use cloud-hosted software because:

  • you need to minimise the chance of any data being exposed due to the carelessness or mistakes of others.
  • for legal reasons, or due to company policy, you can't have your company data stored on other systems outside of your organisation.

In this case you need a self-hosted version.

We don't offer a self-hosted version

To keep our product and processes simple, we don't offer a self-hosted version.

Creating a product for self-hosting is very different to creating a cloud-hosted product.

Primarily, a self-hosted solution would be much harder for us to support:

  • As we can't easily see into your infrastructure, our support team finds it much harder to find and fix bugs.
  • Each customer is running on different hardware and network infrastructure, with different versions of dependencies including database server and operating system. Our product architecture would need to become more flexible and more complicated.
  • Self-hosted introduces complex version management. Our cloud-hosted product has just one production version, which is the one of our servers. With self-hosted, each customer might have a different version, running on different upgrade schedule. As a software vendor, one of the benefits of cloud hosting is that version management becomes a non-problem.
  • We'd need to spend significant resources on installation and upgrade procedures.
  • Our support team would need to include highly skilled technical installation and upgrade support.

Put this all together, and the conclusion is that we'd need to become a very different type of organisation to successfully offer a self-hosted version.

We've weighed up the costs and benefits, and decided to only offer a cloud-based version.