Your board's email log

Sometimes a customer asks us why Feature Upvote’s notification emails don’t seem to be getting sent. This is always a hard problem to solve. There’s many reasons why an email doesn’t end up in someone’s inbox, and some of the reasons our beyond our control.

To make it easier to solve email deliverability problems, we’ve added an email log to your board’s settings. The email log shows all emails sent by Feature Upvote on behalf of your board in the last 30 days.

Screenshot of the email log

The email log shows you:

  • the exact date and time the email was sent
  • the recipient’s email address
  • the email’s subject line
  • whether our system believes the email was delivered successfully or whether it bounced back to our servers.

The email log has two big benefits:

  • it helps with troubleshooting when emails don’t seem to be reaching the intended recipient
  • it gives insight into what emails your board has been sending.

To access the email log, from your Feature Upvote dashboard, go to Settings → Email Settings.

How to get to the email log