Zendesk integration

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If you use Zendesk as well as Feature Upvote then integrating the two could make your life easier. Our integration lets you:

  • Create a new Zendesk ticket from a suggestion
  • View a linked Zendesk ticket (basic information)

If you have feedback on how our Zendesk integration can be improved please add it to our feedback board. We’re actively interested in your ideas about how we can improve our integrations.

Configuring Zendesk integration

  1. From your Feature Upvote dashboard, go to Feedback Boards > Settings > Integrations, find Zendesk and click Enable.
  2. Your company's Zendesk account has a unique URL ending in ".zendesk.com", such as "acmecompany.zendesk.com". Enter the first part of your company's Zendesk URL. 
  3. Click on "Authenticate with Zendesk" button. You’ll be redirected to the Zendesk website. 
  4. If you are not already signed in to your Zendesk account, you'll be prompted to sign in. Do so.
  5. You’ll be prompted by Zendesk to allow Feature Upvote to access your account. For our integration to be able to function, you must allow this.
  6. You'll now be sent back to your Feature Upvote dashboard.
  7. Your integration is now working.

When you complete this process, you'll notice that some extra options are available to configure your Zendesk integration. These are optional, and can be safely ignored while you initially set up the integration.

Using Zendesk integration

When using Feature Upvote as a moderator, you’ll now see a new option when viewing a suggestion: “Create a Zendesk ticket”.

Clicking the button lets you customise the subject that will appear in Zendesk.

Once you’ve linked a suggestion to a Zendesk ticket, you’ll now see an option to ‘View linked Zendesk ticket’.

Clicking the link shows some basic information from the Zendesk ticket.

Note that unlinking a ticket does not change it on Zendesk. Feature Upvote creates Zendesk tickets but doesn’t change them or delete them.

After creating a Zendesk issue from Feature Upvote, use Jira if you wish to change the description or assign the issue to a specific team member.


If these instructions are not working for you, let us know at support@featureupvote.com. Please include a screenshot of any error messages you’re getting.