Changing vote throttling level

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When you create your board, it is automatically configured to throttle votes. The default throttling levels limits each suggestion to 50 votes per day.

Why this limit? Because any public website - including your feedback board - is under constant threat from uncooperative or abusive site visitors.

Most of your users will act responsibly, but some might try to manipulate the voting.

If your board is popular enough,  eventually someone will try to manipulate the voting, either by scripting, or by recruiting others to vote en masse.

We have several mechanisms in place to mitigate this. One of these mechanisms is  throttling. Throttling limits how many people can submit votes in a certain amount of time.

How throttling works

Our throttling applies limits per minute, per hour, and per day.

Our throttling limits the number of votes a suggestion can receive in any of these time periods.

Our throttling also applies a stricter limit on the number of votes a suggestion can receive from any one IP address in any time period.

Our default limits are strict. We offer some less strict limits. We recommend you keep the strict limits in place.

Why you might want to change the vote throttling level

Our experience is that in almost every case, our default throttling levels are suitable.

However, there are some scenarios where you might need to change throttling levels.

  • You announce your feedback board via email newsletter or social media to a large amount of people, who are likely to arrive and vote at around the same time. You can reduce throttling on the day the email newsletter is sent or the announcement is made, then return to strict throttling the day after.
  • All your users are within one physical building of your organisation, and appear to our servers as having the same IP address. In this case, you can choose a looser throttling level.
  • You are using your board for voting at a conference or event.
  • Your board is private and you trust all users with access to your board.

If you do need to reduce the throttling level, consider doing this temporarily.

Changing throttling level

Select ‘Settings’ from your dashboard.

Screenshot of accessing your Feature Upvote board settings

Then select the ‘Throttling’ tab.

Board throttling options

Select the throttling level you required, and click ‘Save changes’.

The new throttling level takes effect immediately.