Disabling the built-in statuses

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Your board comes with a set of built-in statuses:

  • Under consideration
  • Planned
  • Not planned
  • Done

If any of these are not relevant to your feedback board’s audience, you can disable them.

Disabling the built-in statuses

For internal reasons, Feature Upvote needs these statuses to continue to exist, so you can’t remove them altogether. However, you can disable them.

On the dashboard ‘Statuses’ tab, find the status you want to disable and click on the “Disable” link.

Disabling statuses

When a status is disabled:

  • it won’t show in any public-facing list of statuses
  • moderators can’t assign the status to a suggestion

Any suggestion that already has the status when it was disabled will continue to have that status. You’ll need to manually assign these suggestions a new status.