A tour of your feedback board

Here is a typical Feature Upvote feedback board.

Feature Upvote feedback board

We’ll now have a look at all they key sections.

1. Moderator shortcuts

moderator shortcuts

Only board moderators see these icons. In order from left to right, they are:

  1. Moderation tools. When there are new suggestions or comments awaiting approval, you’ll see a small red circle containing the total number that are unmoderated.
  2. Dashboard. Customise your feedback board using the options here.
  3. Sign out

2. Ordering and Filtering buttons

moderator shortcuts

You and your customers can order and filter suggestions in different ways.

  • Top: By default, the most popular suggestions are shown first.
  • New: See the most recently added suggestions first.
  • All: Filter suggestions. The default is to see all suggestions. However, you can choose to see:
    1. All
    2. All except done
    3. Under consideration
    4. Planned
    5. Not planned
    6. Done
  • All tags: Filter by tags that you have created.
  • Show deleted: (Only for moderators). If a customer makes an abusive or spam comment, you can mark it as deleted. Normally these suggestions won’t be visible anymore. However we still keep them in the Feature Upvote database. This allows you to view them if necessary, edit them, and possibly undelete them if you decide it was deleted in error.


The Search bar lets you search by text or filter by status. Read more about our search functionality.

4. Suggestion list


Initially the top 50 customer suggestions are shown in your suggestion list.

If you have more than 50 suggestions, you can use the search bar and the filter buttons to view more.

The bottom of the list has pagination, so you can browse suggestions on different pages.

Want to test a live Feature Upvote board?

  • Sign up for a free trial and experiment with your own feedback board. You have 30 days to test it out and we don’t require credit card details, we won’t spam you, and we won’t try and bully you into a sales call. We want our customers to sign up for a paid plan because they genuinely like our product.
  • Have a play with our interactive demo. You can freely add suggestions and comments without doing any harm to real boards or having to create a ton of content yourself