How Feature Upvote Works

  1. Create your own feedback board – we have a free 30 day trial.
  2. Put a link to your feedback board on your website or in your app.


  1. Customers or team members add suggestions to your board.


  1. If the suggestion already exists your board will automatically tell them. In this case, they can upvote the existing suggestion and add comments to it.


  1. You get optionally notified immediately, once per day, or once per week, when a new suggestion arrives.
  2. You mark new suggestions as “under consideration”, “planned”, or “not planned”.

Under consideration

  1. Over time the most needed suggestions get the most votes and rise to the top of the board.
  2. When you implement a suggestion you change the status to “Done”. This shows existing customers that you are listening to feedback and are using it to make product development decisions.


Need more help deciding whether Feature Upvote is what you need? Read our article What Feature Upvote is and isn’t