Cancelling your subscription

You can freely cancel your Feature Upvote account at any time. To do so,
  1. from your Feature Upvote dashboard, open the profile menu (it is in the top-right corner), and select “Billing”
  2. on the “Billing” page click on “Manage billing”
  3. click on “Cancel plan”, and confirm when prompted.

Why can’t I find the “Billing” page or “Manage billing” option?

The “Billing” page is only visible to account admins. If you can’t see it, it is probably because you’ve only got moderator access.

If you are paying by invoice, then you won’t see the “Manage billing” option. In this case, email us at and let us know you want to cancel.

What happens when I cancel?

  • We ensure that your credit card won’t be billed in the future
  • Your account stays active for the duration of any subscription you’ve already paid for
  • At the end of the current subscription period, your feedback board is no longer visible, and is given a status of ‘cancelled’
  • For three months after the cancellation, you can still sign in to your Feature Upvote dashboard and view and export your data

Do you keep my data?

We keep all your suggestions, comments, and votes available for you for three months after cancellation.

Three months after your cancellation, we’ll purge your data. That means all your suggestions, comments, and votes will be permanently deleted.

You can reactivate your account at any time during this three month period.